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A Lesson of Faith From a 3 Year-Old

It was a cloudy morning in January when I realized we were running low on supplies and I needed to get to the grocery store. As we were getting ready to leave the house, I clearly remember looking up at the sky and noticing the dark heavy clouds.  Unfortunately, when I parked the car at the store, I had so many things on my mind, picking up an umbrella never even made it to my to-do list.

Our time at the grocery store went like usual; The first 10 minutes were spent trying to track down the shopping cart that looked like a race car with the steering wheels and the rest of the time trying to convince the kids to stay seated in the cart while I did my best to remember all the things I came to the store to buy. It wasn’t until we finally got through the check out line and made our way towards the exit, that I noticed the huge line of people with their shopping carts parked by the doors. Then, I heard it; loud thunder and rain, LOTS of rain!

Don’t get me wrong, I love rain. Watching powerful thunder storms from the comfort of my couch while covered with a blanket, and sipping hot chocolate is high up on my list of favorite activities. Running through large puddles and getting soaked while pushing a cart full of groceries and two little kids however, doesn’t rank very high on that list. So, I did what everyone else was doing, I parked my cart by the door and waited.

After standing there for a little while, I explained to the kids we were going to have to wait for the storm to calm down a bit before we could go to the car and drive home. As soon as I finished my explanation, my three year-old without hesitation, suggested we should pray about it and then he proceeded to put his little hands together and do it.

I don’t remember his exact words now but he prayed a short prayer asking God to stop the rain so we could go home, and when he finished, he looked up as confident as ever. When I looked up however, it seemed to me like the sky was even darker than before and I had a feeling it would rain all day. But, wanting to encourage him in his faith, I told him we would look for God’s answer.

About two minutes later, being the impatient person that I am and convinced that the rain was not going to relent any time soon, I decided I could not wait any longer and must find a way to go home and get started on lunch. Since the day was warm enough, I chose to brave the rain to get to the car.

The kids had a blast riding through rain but, by the time they were strapped in and all the groceries were safely in the car, I was completely drenched. The moment we started to drive out of the parking lot however, the sky opened up, the sun shone through, and the rain stopped. That is when I heard one of my little passengers yell out from the back seat: “look mommy, God answered our prayer!”

That day I learned a powerful lesson on faith from my three year-old.

As I drove home I couldn’t help thinking over my actions that morning and how they were a reflection of my overall attitude when it comes to faith. How often do I deem my problems too small or too silly to bring before God? How often do I sit there feeling stumped and powerless before the storms of life like everyone else even though I know there is at least one thing I can do? How often do I get discouraged, take matters into my own hands and end up “soaked” in the process?

It was so simple for my three year-old. He saw a problem he couldn’t fix, he prayed, and he was confident God would come through. Is it any wonder that Jesus said in Matthew 18:3

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Today, I am making my prayer like that of the pleading father in Mark 9:24

“Lord I do believe, help my unbelief.”

Have you had a similar faith building experience with your children? Share with me in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “A Lesson of Faith From a 3 Year-Old

  1. Amazing how we slowly lose our faith as we mature. Not only faith; we lose perspective, knowledge, clearness of mind, trust, and plain old simple joy. And yes, I did say “knowledge.” Someone once said that we have educated ourselves into stupidity (Malcolm Muggeridge?)… And now we are getting character lessons from someone younger than the almond ice cream in my freezer.
    God bless all y’alls!

    1. This is quite deep sir and I think you are definitely on to something. As I see it, this is one more reason for us to keep our pride in check so that we don’t feel too high and mighty to learn from the simpler things in life. On a different note, I will try to remember not to ask for any ice cream next time we come to visit =D

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