Blueberry Hill Farm, Mt. Washington MA

This summer, as we were driving back to my mom’s place after an afternoon spent hiking and exploring at Bash Bish Falls in the Massachusetts Berkshires (I will share these pictures with you later), we came across a beautiful blueberry farm.

The afternoon sun was getting lower in the sky and the tall grass was glistening in the surrounding fields swaying gently in the breeze. There was a large red barn, a colorful fruit stand, and endless rows of berry bushes. My eyes couldn’t help but feast on that beautiful sight. Although we were all a bit tired from hiking down and up from the Falls, we just had to stop to explore and take in that view.

This was the children’s first time at a “u-pick” style farm and the experience was certainly a highlight for them. Actually, I think they might have enjoyed their time at Blueberry Hill Farm more than visiting Falls.

Here are a few pictures we snapped that day…



Have you ever been to a “u-pick” style farm? What are your favorite farms to visit?

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