Can I Tell You A Story?

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“Can I Tell You a Story?” is a podcast where we tell the true stories of real people we encounter in our life journey.

One of the privileges of being a pastoral family is that we get to be part of the lives of so many different people. We get to be there for the good and bad, the happy, the sad, the struggles, and achievements. We get to hold newborns, celebrate weddings, pray for the sick, and comfort the grieving.

In this process of sharing in the lives of so many, we also get to hear and be part of their stories.

Stories of love and fear.

Stories of hope and cheer.

Stories of struggles, patience, and faith.

Some of these stories are just too incredible to keep to ourselves.

For a while, my husband and I had been brainstorming ways to keep these stories alive and share them with others. That is when the idea for this podcast came to be.

All of the stories you will hear here are true accounts from people we have had contact with. They are stories that have touched our hearts and sometimes shook us to our core. We hope that you will also be touched and inspired by what you hear.

We also hope to encourage you to keep your ears open to the stories that are happening all around you.


The Seiferts

P.S. All of the stories shared in this podcast are shared with permission.