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To celebrate the grand opening of my Etsy shop, I though I would tell you a little bit about how I came to love and appreciate the art of crochet.

My first contact with needlework was at my aunt’s house. As a young child, I remember I used to love to visit her and watch as she crafted these beautiful and intricate items with her needle. It was as if the needle gave her the power to bring all her ideas into existence. I was mesmerized.

Once she realized my interest, she took it upon herself to teach me some basic stitches and set me free to pursue my own ideas. At first, I was super excited about this new skill but, as an easily distracted ten year-old, I quickly set it aside to pursue other endeavors.

It wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I finally picked up the needle again.

About a year after I was married, a crafty friend of mine, Linda Thomas, inspired a group of ladies from our church to crochet “prayer shawls” to donate to a local hospital. At that point I could not remember a single stitch my aunt had taught me however, Linda was very patient with me and took the time to teach me all I needed to know to finish the project.

From that point on I could not keep myself from learning more. I bought books, magazines, and collected all the free pattern I could find at the local craft store. Every time I encountered a term or stitch I didn’t recognize, I looked up a YouTube video about it. I attempted a lot of projects and failed on many occasions but, this time, I chose to persevere.

When I became pregnant with my firstborn, right around the time when Pinterest was becoming popular, I was deeply inspired by all the ideas I was seeing and my craftiness went into overdrive.  So, I immediately started a crochet board and put my needle to work. It was then I realized how much I truly enjoyed crocheting baby items.

Check out a few of the pieces I have crochet in the past few years:

To be sincere, I absolutely love making gifts for my friends and family and the idea of selling my handmade projects is still very new to me. On that note, I am very grateful to everyone who has encouraged me in this pursuit, you know who you are.

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If you were inspired by my story and would like to learn to crochet for yourself, I have included a list of helpful resources below:

How To Crochet – For Beginners  Contains detailed directions, diagrams and links to video tutorials

Learn to Crochet by Lion Brand Yarns Contains Step by Step directions, charts, videos, and FREE patterns

How to Crochet-Beginner Lessons A Step-By Step “How to Crochet” course for beginners, FREE patterns

Repeat Crafter Me My favorite source of beautiful FREE patterns



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