Seifert family at Pedernales Falls

Pedernales Falls State Park, TX

This last January we had the opportunity to take the kiddos for an afternoon visit to Pedernales Falls State Park. The park is located about 30 miles west of Austin and it was less than an hour drive from where we were staying at Canyon Lake, TX.  The weather was a bit cool but the sun was out and it was perfect for an afternoon of exploring.

At the end of last year, we decided to invest in a Texas State Parks Pass which gives us free unlimited access to all of Texas State Parks as well as discounts for camping sites and other benefits for one calendar year. It is a great deal if you live near a park, visit often with your family, or will be camping at least 2 times in the next 12 months.

Since we only had a few hours, we decided to hike the most popular trail to Pedernales Falls. The trail was short, easy, and well marked. Zuri (3) and Zarah (2) had not problem walking the entire way by themselves. Once we arrived at the falls, we couldn’t have been happier with our trail choice. There were beautiful views, waterfalls, and a lot of big boulders and rocks for the kids to climb.

We spent the next three hours exploring the rock formations, climbing on boulders, admiring the falls, and throwing pebbles in the Pedernales River. By the time we started hiking back, the sun was getting low on the horizon. I really wish we could have spent more time there. I definitely recommend this park and hike to families with young kids. We hope to go back there soon for a camping trip.


Are there any State Parks you and your family enjoy visiting? Please share in the comments below. Looking forward to your suggestions.



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