Sibling Tales: Courage

Sibling Tales: Courage

After a two months hiatus, due to the hustle and bustle of summer, I was finally able to take the kids back to their gymnastics class. I say “the kids” but I really meant the 4-year old since, up to the last time we had been there, the 2-year old refused to have anything to do with it.

The thing is, I know she LOVES tumbling and doing everything her brother does but, she has a hard time getting comfortable in a room full of strangers. So, every time I brought her to class, she would sit on my lap or stand next to me looking longingly at the other kids in the class but just couldn’t bring herself to join in. Until that eventful day, that is.

A certain Thursday morning, she woke up and proclaimed to all who would listen that she was not only going to go to the class, she was going to do EVERYTHING! I confess we were all a bit skeptical, even her brother. He tried to clarify it by asking her if by “everything” she meant just the free time activities (first 5 minutes of class) but she was resolute, she was going to participate in the entire class.

We did our best to encourage her and continued on with the day’s activities. Soon it was time for lunch and then came nap time. When we had to start getting ready to go to the class, however, I could tell she was having second thoughts.┬áMaybe because she was still waking up or maybe because things were getting real, all I know is that before we left the house to drive to the gym, she told her brother she wasn’t going anymore.

When we arrived at the gym, I had to carry her in and, as usual, she would not leave my side and sat on my lap. In the meantime, the 4-year-old started removing his shoes and getting ready to stand in line for the start of class. Suddenly, something changed. She slid down from my lap, sat on a chair by herself, then followed her brother to the line.

I was stunned.

She walked next to him to the other end of the gym and sat down beside him. When they were seated, I watched as she reached out and placed her arm around his shoulder and he proceeded to place his arm around hers and there they sat, holding on to each other.

Sibling Tales: Courage
I know it is not the best quality but it is the best picture I could get with my phone from the other side of the gym =D

Apparently, her brother’s reassuring gesture was all she needed. She participated in the entire class from beginning to end and has participated in every class since. I am so proud of my brave little girl and so glad she has a kind and courage inspiring big brother to watch out for her.


“A friend loves you all the time. A brother is always there to help you.” Prov 17:17 ICB

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