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The Perfect Chore Chart for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Are you looking for a great visual aid to help encourage your little ones to keep track of their chores? Check out this awesome chart that is working for our family!

A few days ago I was scavenging the internet for the perfect chore/family contribution chart for my kiddos. I believe it is never too early to teach kids how they can help others, whether at home or elsewhere. Kids as early as 2 years old can help with simple tasks like picking up toys or placing dirty clothes in the hamper (see comprehensive list of age appropriate chores below). It is amazing to me how eager little kids are to take on age appropriate responsibilities when we are willing to teach and give them a chance to participate.

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Although my littles have been helping me with tasks around the house for a while, I wanted them to have a visual of how they could contribute to our family each day. Since they are 3 and 4, I was looking for a chart that was simple to use, had lots of pictures of age appropriate tasks, and not expensive to buy or make.

That is when I came across this awesome FREE Presschool chore chart from I believe this is the first time I have come across this website and so far I am loving the resources. This chart is exactly what I needed!


preschooler looking at chore chart

Not only was it FREE, it was easy to make, and simple to understand for the kids. It also came with three whole pages full of age appropriate chores for preschoolers that I could use as I saw fit.

In order to get the password to the resources page and get the chart file, I had to subscribe to the Homeschool Creation newsletter. I am usually not a fan of signing up for things because of the massive amount of emails I already receive daily, but I believe that is a small price to pay considering the quality and usefulness of this chart.

Once I got the files, there were many ways to make use of them. In fact, the blog post where the chart is described has some great ideas on how I could make the most of it.

Personally, the first thing I did was edit a couple of the chart pages to say the kids names on the top so they would know which chart belonged to whom.  Then, I printed the charts and chores pages, laminated the charts, and cut out and laminated all the chores that I needed for my kiddos. Last, I used hot glue to attach magnets to the back of the charts and chore cards so I could stick them to my refrigerator door.

child doing chores

I usually update the charts at night after the kids are in bed so that it is ready for when they get up in the morning. So far, the two of them seem to really enjoy checking their charts in the morning and looking at the pictures to figure out how they can help mommy and daddy for the day. Once they finish a task they can move it off the chart and I can place it back with the other unused tasks that I keep on an old metal cookie sheet.

I think the best thing about this chart, besides it being FREE and looking so nice, is how easily I was able to adapt it to the needs of our family.

Do you use chore charts in your family? How do you help your kids keep track of their tasks? Was this post helpful to you? I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.


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